Terms and Conditions of Purchase

The Supplier requirements below apply to all Suppliers and sub-tier Suppliers to CNS providing materials, products, and services. Acceptance of a Purchase Order from CNS binds the Supplier to the Terms and Conditions listed in the Purchase Order and the requirements listed in this document. The Supplier is not authorized to outsource any portion of the Purchase Order requirements unless specifically authorized by CNS and must flow down these requirements to any sub-tier Suppliers. Note that these requirements correspond with the requirements of CNS, our customers, and the requirements of AS9120.

Agreement Acceptance:
CNS’ Purchase Order provides information regarding the products, and services to be provided including the identification of relevant technical data (e.g., specifications, and drawings).

Identification and Revision:
Suppliers shall maintain the identification and revision status of the Buyer’s specifications, drawings, process requirements, inspection/verification instructions and other relevant technical data.

Certificate of Conformance:
Each shipment must be accompanied by one legible copy of a statement of conformance unless otherwise noted in the Purchase Order. A certificate of conformance (C of C), supplied with the shipment must provide at a minimum: Supplier name, part number, purchase order number, quantity of parts, engineering revision, lot/batch numbers (if applicable), and title and signature of authorized Supplier representative.

Material and Process Certifications:
Each order shall be accompanied by one legible copy of a Certificate of Compliance (CofC). Material certifications shall show quantitative analysis of each element and physical testing as required by specifications referenced. Traceability for Raw Material is required and shall be retained and provided to CNS with product. Final acceptance of product shall be at CNS after receiving inspection is completed. Certification of heat treatment must show the type of treatment and specifications, hardness range, percentage of parts tested, tensile test results (as applicable by part), type of test performed, specifications and any other information required by the drawing/specifications. The laboratory performing a test shall be identified and any certifications signed by tester and the name of the heat treat Supplier must be listed.

Competency and Training:
Suppliers shall ensure that employees and people working on its behalf are competent and trained, including any required qualifications.

Supplier Interactions and Nondisclosure:
In addition to the other requirements recorded within this document, Suppliers shall hold all information received from CNS in confidence and no third-party request for information shall be authorized unless approved, in writing, by CNS.

Supplier Performance Monitoring:
CNS will score Suppliers based on Quality and On-Time Delivery. Suppliers will be issued corrective actions as warranted, and Suppliers that fail to perform in these areas may receive further Corrective Actions and may be considered for conditional status or removal from CNS’ Approved Supplier List.